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Prominent Members

To date, only a select few of the Star Sapphires have been identified by name:

  • Abraham Pointe (of Sector 2814): The first male to belong to the Star Sapphires. While Abraham did not possess a violet ring, he was chosen to be the host of the Predator. The entity was eventually purged from Abraham's body which returned him to his human form.
  • Queen Aga'po: Queen of the Zamarons; when asked by the Guardians if she will discontinue the Zamarons' pursuit of the violet light, she refuses. She is notified of the approach of the Sinestro Corps upon the Zamaron planet, and responds: "Yes. Let them come. For love will conquer all." She sacrifices her life to power the Star Sapphire battery during Brightest Day, naming Carol the new queen.
  • Carol Ferris (of Sector 2814): The vice president of Ferris Aircraft, former love interest of Hal Jordan, and previous bearer of the position: Star Sapphire. After employing Jordan for a time as a pilot with Ferris Aircraft, he claims he cannot be near her without being with her. As she does not date employees, he left to resume his career in the United States Air Force. Due to her heartache over Jordan's absence, the Zamarons send a violet power ring to her which tells her she has the potential to be the most powerful of the Star Sapphires. The ring also tells her that, by leading the violet Corps, she will be in a position to protect Jordan during the War of Light; hearing this, she accepts the invitation to the Star Sapphires. After the death of Queen Aga'po, she is named the Star Sapphires' new queen and is stated to be the most powerful Star Sapphire in the universe.
  • Dela Pharon (of Sector 1416): The lover of the now deceased Green Lantern of space sector 1416. Dela Pharon's extreme interpretation of "love" caused her to kill her lover and encase their world in a violet crystal so that they could "be together forever".
  • Fatality (of Sector 1313): A former member of the Sinestro Corps, she was captured by the Zamarons after the Sinestro Corps War and sealed in a violet crystal meant to rehabilitate her yellow power ring. Fatality eventually emerges as a converted Star Sapphire, and immediately decides to locate John Stewart. Formerly her adversary, her hatred for him has been transformed into romantic interest.
  • Guy Gardner (of Sector 2814): The second male to belong to the Star Sapphire Corps, Guy used Carol Farris's Star Sapphire ring along with the Red Lantern Ring during the War of the Green Lanterns in order to remove Parallax from the Central Power Battery, powering the ring with his love for his role in the Corps; he is the first male shown to wield a Star Sapphire ring.
  • Khea Taramka (of Sector 2814): The Queen of Hawkworld, while not possessing a ring, as the current host of the Predator, she does not need one. The entity was eventually purged from Khea's body which returned her to normal.
  • The Lost Sapphire: First featured and named in promotional imagery for the Blackest Night event, her appearance and identity are presently unknown.
  • Miri Riam: The first new recruit to the Star Sapphires. While heading for their honeymoon, she and her new husband Kered are attacked by the space tyrant Mongul. Mongul destroys their ship, murders Kered, and leaves Miri to drift in space alone. Planning to follow her husband into death, her suicide is interrupted by the arrival of a Zamaron ring. The ring offers to "fill the hole of broken heart" with the light of the Star Sapphire and Miri accepts.
  • Miss Bloss: A Zamaron member of the Star Sapphires that is first featured in Blackest Night promotional imagery.
  • Race: A female alien with yellow skin that is first featured in Blackest Night promotional imagery.
  • Wonder Woman (of Sector 2814): An Amazonian warrior and princess chosen to be a deputy member of the Corps. A duplicate of Carol's ring is able to free her from the influence of a black power ring by using the intense feelings of love in her heart. After her subconscious mind interacted with the ‘deceased’ Batman (Bruce Wayne), Diana finally freed herself from the black ring’s influence. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is depicted as aiding Diana in accepting the ring. Wonder Woman is later discharged from the Star Sapphires, following her final battle.

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