Star League

The Star League was disbanded when House Cameron was brutually executed by the leader of the Rim Worlds Republic, Stefan Amaris. Amaris executed the bloody coup and declared himself First Lord of the Star League. Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky of the Star League Defense Force quickly moved to crush the Rim Worlds Republic, then advanced on the Terran Hegemony. The Amaris Civil War was fought with nuclear weapons and left billions dead in its wake. The Territorial States, as the Periphery nations were known, completed their secession bid, and each of the leaders of the five Great Houses returned to their respective capitals. In turn, they each declared themselves First Lord and fought a series of brutal conflicts known as the Succession Wars that were inconclusive.

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Clan Jade Falcon - History
... as beginning with the fall of the fictional Star League ... The Star League, described as a utopian civilization spanning thousands of human-colonized star systems, is depicted as dissolving as a result of the ... The resulting war left the military arm of the Star League, the Star League Defense Force ("SLDF"), caught between the various noble houses of the Inner Sphere vying for control of the disintegrated Star ...
Mercenaries (Battle Tech) - Famous Mercenaries - Snord's Irregulars - Enter The Clans
... The location of lost Star League facilities and other information Snord had uncovered in the past 40 years was communicated across Wolfnet, and many of the old bunkers and complexes were refitted and ... A Star League naval base had for centuries been rumoured to be hidden in the Dark nebula ... to the libraries on Derf and Wotan, known for their archives of Star League atlases and star charts ...
Federated Suns - History - Star League Era
... When the Cameron family began its attempt to unite humanity into a "Star League," the Federated Suns was very friendly towards the notion ... when, in 2567, the Federated Suns joined the Star League, becoming the fourth Member State ... The Star League Years were relatively quiet, with the Federated Suns working with the Star League to ensure a reign of peace and prosperity that lasted for hundreds ...
The Second Star League
... At the conference, deciding to reform the Star League with the goal of ejecting the Clans from the Inner Sphere ... Succeeding in annihilating Clan Smoke Jaguar entirely in 3060, but the League soon fell prey to factional in-fighting ... During his tenure as First Lord, Sun-Tzu used his position to place Star League Defense Force peacekeepers in the St ...
Federated Suns - History - Word of Blake Jihad
... In December of 3067, the member-states of the Second Star League came together for the fourth Whitting Conference on Tharkad ... the leaders of the Inner Sphere decided to disband the Star League ... Liao decided to pull his support from the Star League for his own reasons ...

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