Stanley Rader - Biography - Business Relationships

Business Relationships

Rader used his own professional legal accounting practice and also incorporated new companies with which to conduct profitable business enterprises on behalf of the Worldwide Church of God. The companies largely owned and controlled by Rader included:

  • Rader, Helge & Gerson who provided legal representation for the church;
  • Rader, Cornwall, Kessler and Palazzo who provided accounting services for the church;
  • Worldwide Advertising, Inc., which booked The World Tomorrow on radio and television stations;
  • Mid-Atlantic Leasing, which leased light aircraft and a Gulfstream II, all paid for by the Worldwide Church of God, to enable Stanley Rader and Herbert W. Armstrong to fly around the world meeting kings, princes, presidents and prime ministers;
  • Wilshire Travel, which made the travel bookings for Stanley Rader and Herbert W. Armstrong;
  • Gateway Publishing, which printed books used by the church.

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