Stanislov (Hasidic Dynasty)

Stanislov (Hasidic Dynasty)

The Stanislav hasidic dynasty was established in western Ukraine in a town currently known as Ivano-Frankivsk. The town was previously called Stanisławów, and is still known in Yiddish as Stanislav.

The dynasty's founders were the descendants of Rabbi Chanoch Henoch Dov Mayer, first Rebbe of Alesk, son-in-law of Rabbi Sholom Rokeach of Belz.

Arriving in London after surviving the Holocaust, Rabbi Meshulem Yisosschor Ashkenasi, born in 1905, became known as the Stanislav-Alesker Rebbe. He was a descendant of the Chacham Zvi.

After his death in, his son, Rabbi Uri Ashkenasi, became the Stanislaver Rebbe of London. He is a well known mohel and has a Beth midrash in Stamford Hill.

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