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Thermal Conductivity Measurement - Standards
... Determination of thermal resistance by means of guarded hot plate and heat flow meter methods ... and thermal diffusivity -- Part 2 Transient plane heat source (hot disc) method" ISO 22007-42008 "Plastics -- Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity -- Part 4 Laser flash method ... See also soil thermal properties IEEE Standard 98-2002, "Standard for the Preparation of Test Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation of Solid Electrical Insulating ...
Pressure-sensitive Tape - PSA Tape Standards
... The PSA industry is in the process of unifying the several standards presently in use ... is currently active in the definition of international standards some of the most common test methods, such as Peel Adhesion, Static Shear Adhesion, Break Strength and Elongation are presently ISO standard ASTM ... Association ASTM International has dozens of standards related to pressure sensitive tape ...
SAT (disambiguation) - Educational Testing
... College Scholastic Ability Test, or Suneung (수능), a standardized test for admission to South Korean universities National Curriculum assessment, a series of educational assessments in the United Kingdom ...
Horizontal Line Test
... In mathematics, the horizontal line test is a test used to determine whether a function is injective (i.e ...
Test - Media and Entertainment
... Tests (album), a 1998 album by The Microphones "Tester," a song by Anthrax on the album Stomp 442 The Tester, a reality show produced by Sony about videogame testing Johnny ...

Famous quotes containing the words method, standard and/or test:

    You that do search for every purling spring
    Which from the ribs of old Parnassus flows,
    And every flower, not sweet perhaps, which grows
    Near thereabouts into your poesy wring;
    You that do dictionary’s method bring
    Into your rhymes, running in rattling rows;
    Sir Philip Sidney (1554–1586)

    As in political revolutions, so in paradigm choice—there is no standard higher than the assent of the relevant community. To discover how scientific revolutions are effected, we shall therefore have to examine not only the impact of nature and of logic, but also the techniques of persuasive argumentation effective within the quite special groups that constitute the community of scientists.
    Thomas S. Kuhn (b. 1922)

    This, then, is the test we must set for ourselves; not to march alone but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us.
    Hubert H. Humphrey (1911–1978)