Standard - Flags


  • any War flag or military standard
  • Ensign, a distinguishing flag of a ship or a military unit
  • Heraldic standard, a type of flag containing heraldic devices and used for personal identification
  • historically any field sign
    • Vexilloid or "flag-like" field signs

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Famous quotes containing the word flags:

    Gentlemen, those confederate flags and our national standard are what has made this union great. In what other country could a man who fought against you be permitted to serve as judge over you, be permitted to run for reelection and bespeak your suffrage on Tuesday next at the poles.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)

    Still, it is dear defiance now to carry
    Fair flags of you above my indignation,
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    The flags are natures newly found.
    Rifles grow sharper on the sight.
    There is a rumble of autumnal marching,
    From which no soft sleeve relieves us.
    Fate is the present desperado.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)