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NB: This list excludes films that feature illegally run street races unless legitimate races are integral to the storyline.

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Title Year Genre Type Notes
The Crowd Roars 1932 Drama Open wheel Motor racing saga featuring James Cagney.
The Big Wheel 1935 Drama Open wheel Mickey Rooney as a young driver out to win the Indianapolis 500.
Speed 1936 Drama Open Wheel A carburetor's designer (James Stewart) tries Indy 500, then seeks world speed record.
Ten Laps to Go 1936 Drama Midget Rival drivers compete for national championship and a girl.
Indianapolis Speedway 1939 Drama Open wheel Three-time Indy champ (Pat O'Brien) wants a young driver to go to college.
To Please a Lady 1950 Drama Open Wheel Newspaper columnist gets reckless racer Mike Brannan (Clark Gable) banned.
The Racers 1953 Drama Open wheel European circuit racing drama starring Kirk Douglas.
Genevieve 1953 Musical Vintage cars A British comedy about an automobile rally.
Roar of the Crowd 1953 Drama Open wheel Indy 500 contender vows to quit, becomes a sparkplugs salesman.
Checkpoint 1956 Crime Road racing A criminal gets into a confrontation with British police at an auto race.
Thunder in Carolina 1960 Drama Stock car Rivals vie in Southern 500, starring Alan Hale, Jr. of Gilligan's Island fame.
The Green Helmet 1961 Drama Road racing A British film about racers competing in Italy.
The Iron Maiden 1962 Comedy Traction engines Alan Hale, Jr. again, in a story about a steam-engine rally.
The Lively Set 1964 Drama A mechanic (James Darren) feels he's perfected a revolutionary turbine engine.
24 heures d'amant 1964 Drama Sports car Claude Lelouch-directed film set at Le Mans.
Viva Las Vegas 1964 Musical Sports car Elvis Presley is out to win the big race and Ann-Margret.
The Great Race 1965 Comedy Vintage cars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis slapstick about long-distance car race.
Grand Prix 1966 Drama Open wheel James Garner and Yves Montand in fictional story of drivers' lives and loves.
Red Line 7000 1966 Drama Stock car Howard Hawks-directed fiction, starring James Caan.
Fireball 500 1966 Comedy Stock car Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello vehicle.
Spinout 1966 Musical Open wheel Elvis Presley is out to win the big race and Shelley Fabares.
Thunder Alley 1967 Romance Stunt driver (Fabian), boss's daughter (Annette Funicello) team up in 500-mile race.
Hell On Wheels 1967
A Man and a Woman 1967 Drama Open wheel French film about a woman who falls in love with an auto racer.
The Love Bug 1968 Family Demolition derby driver gets his hands on a magical Volkswagen.
Speedway 1968 Musical Stock car Elvis Presley is out to win the big race and Nancy Sinatra.
The Wild Racers 1968 Drama Fabian now races on the European circuit.
Winning 1969 Drama Indy car Paul Newman and Robert Wagner as rival drivers.
Monte Carlo or Bust! 1969 Comedy Vintage cars a.k.a. Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies
Le Mans 1971 Drama Sports car Steve McQueen as a competitor in 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Weekend of a Champion 1971
The Last American Hero 1973 Biographical Stock car Fictional biography of Junior Johnson, starring Jeff Bridges as "Junior Jackson".
Herbie Rides Again 1974 Comedy Sequel to The Love Bug.
Flåklypa Grand Prix 1975
Death Race 2000 1975 Action Science-fiction about dangerous car race, starring David Carradine.
Bobby Deerfield 1977 Drama Formula One Al Pacino as a famed driver who falls in love with a dying woman.
Greased Lightning 1977 Biographical Stock car True story of stock-car trailblazer Wendell Scott, starring Richard Pryor.
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo 1977 Comedy The third entry in The Love Bug series.
The Quick and the Dead 1977 Documentary Open wheel A behind-the-scenes look at Grand Prix racing, narrated by Stacy Keach.
Herbie Goes Bananas 1980 Comedy The fourth entry in The Love Bug series.
Six Pack 1982 Comedy Stock car Kenny Rogers stars and sings hit theme song.
Safari 3000 1982 Adventure Endurance A 3,000-mile race across Africa attracts a young American (David Carradine).
Heart Like a Wheel 1983 Biographical Drag racing Based on the life of Shirley Muldowney, played by Bonnie Bedelia.
Stroker Ace 1983 Comedy Stock car Burt Reynolds as a fictional NASCAR star.
Born to Race 1988 Drama Stock car Fiction featuring Joseph Bottoms in lead role.
La Carrera Panamericana 1990 Historic sports car
Checkered Flag 1990 Open wheel Unsold TV pilot
Dorf Goes Auto Racing 1990 Comedy Stock car Direct-to-video short film. Part of Tim Conway's Dorf series.
Days of Thunder 1990 Drama Stock car Tom Cruise as a NASCAR newcomer, based loosely on Tim Richmond.
Thunderbolt 1995 Action Touring car Hong Kong film with Jackie Chan as a race-car mechanic.
Race the Sun 1996 Solar car
The Love Bug 1997 Comedy Made-for-TV sequel to the original 1968 film of the same title.
Super Speedway 1997 Documentary Open wheel Paul Newman narrates documentary on the building of a race car.
Driven 2000 Action Open wheel Sylvester Stallone as a former Formula One star.
éX-Driver The Movie 2002
Michel Vaillant 2003 Based on a French comic book.
Right on Track 2003 Family Drag racing Disney Channel story about a pair of drag-racing sisters.
NASCAR: The IMAX Experience 2004 Documentary Stock car
3: The Dale Earnhardt Story 2004 Documentary Stock car Made for TV. Chronicles the life and career of Dale Earnhardt.
Herbie: Fully Loaded 2005 Comedy Stock car The most recent entry in The Love Bug series.
Cars 2006 Animated Stock car Family comedy featuring voices of Paul Newman, Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006 Comedy Stock car Will Ferrell as a cocky, crazy NASCAR driver.
Dale 2007 Documentary Stock car Chronicles the life and legendary career of Dale Earnhardt.
Ta Ra Rum Pum 2007 Drama Stock car Indian film.
Death Race 2008 Sci-fi Jason Statham in a revised version of 1975 film.
Death Racers 2008 Sci-fi Futuristic story of prisoners competing in race to the death.
Truth in 24 2008 Documentary Sports car A team's preparation for 2008's 24 Hours of LeMans.
Speed Racer 2008 Action Live-action version of Japanese anime series, with Emile Hirsch as Speed.
Love The Beast 2009 Documentary Tarmac rally
Racing Dreams 2009 Documentary Karting
Senna 2010 Documentary Open wheel The life and death of Formula One great Ayrton Senna.
Tim Richmond: To the Limit 2010 Documentary Stock car Made for TV as a part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series. Chronicles the career of Tim Richmond, his lifestyle, and his death from AIDS.
Red Dirt Rising 2011 Stock car Based on the life of early driver Jimmie Lewallen
Cars 2 2011 Animated Sports car Sequel to 2006 family comedy hit.
Truth in 24 II: Every Second Counts 2012 Documentary Sports car Sequel to 2008 film, documenting Audi's adventurous and cliffhanging 2011 race

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