Splice may refer to:

as connection of two or more pieces of linear material
  • Rope splicing, joining two pieces of rope or cable by weaving the strands of each into the other
  • Eye splice, a method of creating a permanent loop in the end of multi stranded rope by means of rope splicing.
  • V-splice, joining two pieces of wood by mating a deep V in one to a long extension of the other
  • Tape splice, the joining of audio tape
  • Film Splice, the joining of film stock
  • Electrical splice, the joining of wires in electrical wiring
  • Optical splice, the joining of optical fibers:
    • Fusion splicing, a permanent splice between two fibers
    • Mechanical splice, a temporary splice between two fibers
in genetics
  • RNA splicing, a natural modification of ribonucleic acids
  • Genetic engineering, also known as gene splicing, artificially joining pieces of genetic material
  • Protein splicing, a natural process where inteins are removed
in computer science
  • splice (system call), a system call used to transfer data on Linux
  • TCP splicing, postponement of the connection between the client and the server in computer networking
  • An operation between two Linked lists, as in the programming language C++
in mathematics
  • Splicing rule, a transformation of formal languages
  • Splicing, in mathematics is an operation for creating new knots from other knots (and links). The concept's name is inspired by and related to rope splicing.
in other meanings
  • Splice (film), a 2009 science fiction film
  • Splicing veins, the connection of more than one vein to formulate a long vein conduit for vascular bypass surgery
  • Splice, on a cricket bat, where the handle is joined to the body of the bat
  • Splice the mainbrace, an order given aboard naval vessels to issue the crew with a drink
  • Splice (ice cream), an Australian iced confectionery consisting of ice cream surrounded by fruit flavoured ice
  • Spliced (TV series), a Canadian animated TV series by Teletoon and Nelvana
  • Software release life cycle, or Software Product Life Cycle (SPLICE)

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... This ability is written Splice onto (quality) (cost) ... a given quality, he or she may reveal any number of cards in his or her hand with splice onto that quality, and pay their splice costs each splicing card's effects ... has no mana cost (meaning it can't be cast normally), but it does have a splice cost ...
Western Union Splice
... The Western Union or Lineman splice was developed during the introduction of the telegraph to mechanically and electrically connect wires that were subject to loading stress ... This type of splice is more suited to solid, rather than stranded conductors, and is fairly difficult to complete ... The Western Union Splice is made by twisting two ends of a wire together counterclockwise 3/4 of a turn each, finger tight ...
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... In nautical usage, a cunt splice is a type of rope splice used to join two lines in the rigging of ships ... since at least 1861, and in more recent times it is commonly referred to as a "cut splice" ...
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