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  • Spin bowling, a type of bowling technique in cricket
    • Finger spin, a type of bowling in the sport of cricket
    • Left-arm orthodox spin, a type of bowling in the sport of cricket
    • Left-arm unorthodox spin, a type of bowling in the sport of cricket using the hand wrist
    • Leg spin, a type of spin bowling in the sport of cricket
    • Wrist spin, a type of bowling in the sport of cricket
  • Figure-skating spin, a skating move
    • Sit spin, a basic figure skating spin
    • Upright spin,a basic figure skating spin, with an extended skating leg which is not a camel position. Two popular variations of the upright spin are:
      • Biellmann spin, an upright figure skating spin in which the skater executes a one-foot spin while holding the other foot extended over and behind the head, forming a teardrop shape with the body
      • Layback spin, an upright figure skating spin in which the head and shoulders are dropped backwards and the back arched downwards toward the ice
  • Indoor cycling or spinning, a form of high-intensity exercise using a stationary exercise bicycle
  • Poi spinning, a form of juggling
  • Wheelspin, spinning the wheels of a vehicle in place

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