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Angel: After The Fall - Publication History - Spin-offs
... there would be a 4 issue spin-off titled Spike After the Fall from July 2008, which will chronicle the time in between the events of the series finale "Not Fade Away" and After the Fall, continuing ... Brian Lynch later announced a second, this-time-ongoing Spike spin-off from the Angel After the Fall franchise ... Spike will be set "a few months" after Spike has left hell, and feature in its supporting cast Groosalugg, Beck from Spike Asylum, Betta George and Jeremy from Spike After the Fall ...
Snoopy's Siblings - Spike
... Spike appeared most frequently in the strip ... Spike lives alone in the desert near Needles, California, only occasionally interacting with the principal characters in the strip, generally in visiting Snoopy ... saguaros in California are in the Whipple Mountains Wilderness, fifty miles south of Needles, Spike must live somewhere in this wilderness area ...
Spike - Surname
... John Spikes (1881–1955), American jazz musician and entrepreneur Reb Spikes (1888–1982), American jazz saxophonist and entrepreneur Robert W ... Spike (1923–1966), American clergyman, theologian, and civil rights leader Spike (Welsh guitarist), Welsh guitarist John Spike (born 1951), American art historian, curator ...
Summer Slam (2001) - Event
... Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and Test versus The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and Spike Dudley (with Molly Holly) ... As the match began, Spike immediately tried to attack Bubba Ray and D-Von, although Bubba Ray quickly threw Spike down ... Test took over and attacked Spike while Bubba Ray and D-Von took out a table ...
List Of The Land Before Time Characters - Main Characters - Spike
... Spike, voiced by Rob Paulsen (II-V, VII-TV series) and Jeff Bennett (VI), is a green Stegosaurus known as a Spiketail ... it was mentioned by his mother that Spike lost his parents in an earthquake from the first film ... Spike was added to appeal to a growing number of mentally handicapped viewers who had in recent years become a significant portion of cartoon video consumers ...

Famous quotes containing the word spike:

    From a hasty glance through the various tests I figure it out that I would be classified in Group B, indicating “Low Average Ability,” reserved usually for those just learning to speak the English Language and preparing for a career of holding a spike while another man hits it.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    Directors like Satyajit Ray, Rossellini, Bresson, Buñuel, Forman, Scorsese, and Spike Lee have used non-professional actors precisely in order that the people we see on the screen may be scarcely more explained than reality itself. Professionals, except fo the greatest, usually play not just the necessary role, but an explanation of the role.
    John Berger (b. 1926)