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List Of Transformers Planets - Velocitron
... known as Speedia in Galaxy Force and Speed Planet in promotional materials) is a fictional planet featured in Transformers Cybertron and is the location of one of four ancient Transformer colonies that lost contact ... Each of these colonies possess a Cyber Planet Key, containing a fragment of the power of Primus ... The planet is more commonly referred to as "the Speed Planet" or simply "Speed Planet." The planet's full, formal name appears to be "Velocitron, the Speed Planet." A variable ...
Breakdown (Transformers) - Transformers: Cybertron
... Brakedown Breakdown toy Autobot Information Sub-group Scouts Function Speed Measurement Member Rank 5 Motto "Just speed without being sped!" Alternate Modes ... He is a robot native to Velocitron, the Speed Planet ... He knows every inch of track on the Speed Planet, and while his systems cannot keep up with the supercharged speed of younger robots this old speed demon's still got one or two ...
List Of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes - Second Story Arc: Episodes 15-27
... Title Original air date 15 "Race" The entire Autobot force is on Speed Planet, Override, Dirt Boss, Ransack, and Crumplezone all try to gain victory in the first round of the Great Race ... As Ransack and Crumplezone use every dirty trick they know on Speed Planet, back on Earth, Starscream and Thundercracker convince the Autobot Mudflap to defect to the Decepticon side by ... The race on Speed Planet ends with Override first, Hot Shot second, and Dirt Boss third ...

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    Have you not budged an inch, then? Such is the daily news. Its facts appear to float in the atmosphere.... We should wash ourselves clean of such news. Of what consequence, though our planet explode, if there is no character involved in the explosion? In health we have not the least curiosity about such events. We do not live for idle amusement. I would not run round a corner to see the world blow up.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Spig Wead: I’ve been thinking what a heel I’ve been about you and about my own kids. I don’t know, when I do something, I go all the way. Living. Gambling. Flying. I tap myself out. I guess that’s the way I want it to be. Maybe even the way I am.
    Minne Wead: Star-spangled Spig. Damn the martinis, full speed ahead and don’t give up the ship.
    Frank Fenton, William Wister Haines, co-scenarist, and John Ford. Spig Wead (John Wayne)