Spectasia - History - A Lookable User Interface

A Lookable User Interface

Spectasia names its visual representation a Lookable User Interface. A Lookable User Interface (LUI) is a user interface which provides a high degree of visual accessibility for digital content. Typically a LUI enables the user to explore a 3D representation of a large collection of data items or object models. Often these items would comprise a Data Tree or Graph Structure.

At any moment, the LUI displays a small region of the overall graph, and the scene is automatically arranged in real time so as to provide good visibility for all of the Items present.

An overall visual context is created which allows items to adopt fixed visual reference locations, one relative to one another, and which fosters the visual articulation and mapping of the visual field.

LUIs are designed to operate as context interfaces, and inherently provide distinct and notionally fixed visual reference locations for data items.

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