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Specific impulse is also used to measure performance in model rocket motors. Following are some of Estes' claimed values for specific impulses for several of their rocket motors: Estes Industries is a large, well-known American seller of model rocket components. The specific impulse for these model rocket motors is much lower than for many other rocket motors because the manufacturer uses black powder propellant and emphasizes safety rather than maximum performance. The burn rate and hence chamber pressure and maximum thrust of model rocket motors is also tightly controlled.

Specific impulses for several commercially available Estes rocket motors.
Engine Total Impulse (Ns) Fuel Weight (N) Specific Impulse (s)
Estes A10-3T 2.5 .0370 67.49
Estes A8-3 2.5 .0306 81.76
Estes B4-2 5.0 .0816 61.25
Estes B6-4 5.0 .0612 81.76
Estes C6-3 10 .1223 81.76
Estes C11-5 10 .1078 92.76
Estes D12-3 20 .2443 81.86
Estes E9-6 30 .3508 85.51

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