Special Police

Special Police does not have a consistent international meaning. In many cases it will describe a police force or a unit within a police force whose duties and responsibilities are significantly different from other forces in the same country or significantly different from other police in the same force as described in the following sections. The status of special constable in many (if not most) cases does not indicate a member of a special police force; in countries in the Commonwealth of Nations and often elsewhere it will usually describe a voluntary or part-time member of a national or local police force or a person involved in law enforcement who is not a police officer but has some of the powers of a police officer.

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Special Police Unit - History - 2000 Onwards
... In 2002, with Central Military Commission approval the Special Police course was institutionalised into college studies of various disciplines ... It was renamed People's Armed Police Special Police College, combining both combat and education roles ... Since its inauguration, the People's Armed Police has set up Special Police Units in 36 provinces nationwide ...
Mladen Markač - Croatian War
1994, Mladen Markač was appointed Commander of the Special Police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia (the "Special Police"), which gave him ... He was also Assistant Minister of the Interior for Special Police ... As Commander of the Special Police, Markač controlled all members of the Special Police who were involved in Operation Storm and the related continuing operations in that region ...
Special Police - Taiwan
... Special polices in Taiwan (Republic of China) includes Thunder Squad (霹靂小組) of municipal governments (local police departments), Peace Enforcing ...
Law Enforcement In Japan - Special Police - Tables
... Officers working for public safety Officer are Special judicial police officials (特別司法警察職員) can arrest suspects with arrest warrant can carry firearms ...
List Of Bosnian Genocide Prosecutions - Individual Indictment and Convictions For The Crime of Genocide - Judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina - The First Instance Verdict
... Found guilty of genocide (29 July 2008) Milos Stupar (commander of the 2nd Special Police Šekovići Squad) – found guilty, sentenced to 40 years. 3rd "Skelani" Platoon, part of the 2nd Special Police Šekovići Squad) – found guilty, sentenced to 42 years ... Brano Dzinic (a special police force officer of the 2nd Special Police Šekovići Squad) – found guilty, sentenced to 42 years ...

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    It is human agitation, with all the vulgarity of needs small and great, with its flagrant disgust for the police who repress it, it is the agitation of all men ... that alone determines revolutionary mental forms, in opposition to bourgeois mental forms.
    Georges Bataille (1897–1962)

    Research shows clearly that parents who have modeled nurturant, reassuring responses to infants’ fears and distress by soothing words and stroking gentleness have toddlers who already can stroke a crying child’s hair. Toddlers whose special adults model kindliness will even pick up a cookie dropped from a peer’s high chair and return it to the crying peer rather than eat it themselves!
    Alice Sterling Honig (20th century)