SPC may refer to any of the following:

in business and law,

  • Segregated portfolio company, a specialised form of offshore company
  • Special purpose company or Special purpose vehicle, a subsidiary usually created solely for isolating a financial risk, or for Financial Reporting reasons
  • Statistical process control (SPC), the application of statistical methods to the monitoring and control of a process to ensure that it operates at its full potential to produce conforming product.
  • Strategic Performance Contract: an internal management tool used to detail and implement a strategy (e.g. at the World Bank)
  • Supplementary protection certificate, a sui generis, patent-like, intellectual property right
  • S.W.I.F.T. PC banking, a kind of Electronic banking provided by a bank to work with S.W.I.F.T. operations
  • Signature Panel Code, an alternate name for a credit or debit card security code

in company names,

  • Shepparton Preserving Company, a brand of jams and tinned goods founded in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
  • Singapore Petroleum Company Limited, a Singapore area oil company
  • Software Publishing Corporation, a former U.S. computer software manufacturer
  • SPC Corporation, a Korean food company from Samlip Group
  • Syrian Petroleum Company, a state-owned oil company
  • Synthetic Plastics Company, a defunct plastics manufacturer that owned many budget-price record labels

in entertainment,

  • Samurai Pizza Cats, a cult classic anime show (known in Japan as Kyattou Ninden Teyandee)
  • Sony Pictures Classics, speciality division of Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • South Park Coalition, a rap group from Houston, Texas
  • Suite Pretty Cure, Japanese Animated Show
  • Single player commands, a mod for Minecraft (seen here) enabling command-line cheats

in politics and government,

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community, a Pacific Islands regional intergovernmental organisation
  • Socialist Party of Canada
  • Socialist Party of British Columbia
  • Supreme People's Court (disambiguation), highest judicial body in several countries (predominantly socialist)

in science and technology,

  • Secure multiparty computation, a cryptography problem introduced in 1982
  • Simple point charge, a 3-point water model used in computational chemistry simulations
  • SPC file format, a file format used in spectroscopy
  • SPC700 sound format, a file format used to log music data from Super Nintendo Entertainment System games for later playback
  • Stage pin connector a standard power cable connector
  • Statistical process control, a method for achieving quality control in manufacturing processes
  • Storage Performance Council, a non-profit corporation founded to define, standardize, and promote storage subsystem benchmarks
  • Stored Program Control exchange, a type of telephone exchange
  • Storm Prediction Center, a division of NOAA's National Weather Service that deals with strong to severe weather events
  • Summary of Product Characteristics i.e. the official description of a pharmaceutical product

One of many schools, including:

  • St Patrick's College (disambiguation), various institutions
  • Saint Paul's College (disambiguation), various institutions
  • St Peter's College (disambiguation), various institutions
  • St. Petersburg College, an accredited Florida community college with multiple campuses in Pinellas County

in other uses,

  • 6.8 mm Remington SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge), a rifle cartridge developed by Remington and the US military
  • La Palma Airport, IATA Airport Code: SPC
  • Serbian Orthodox Church, an Eastern Orthodox Christian Church
  • Southern Presbyterian Church (Australia)
  • Southwest Preparatory Conference, an interscholastic athletic league consisting of 19 elite private schools in Texas and Oklahoma
  • Specialist (rank), Specialist (abbreviated "SPC") is one of the four junior enlisted ranks in the U.S. Army
  • Special police constable
  • Statistical Programme Committee, which has been replaced by the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC)
  • Student Price Card, a loyalty card program in Canada
  • Summary of Product Characteristics, the defining information document for medicinal products used in the European Union
  • Swedish Paralympic Committee, the non-profit organization representing Swedish athletes in the International Paralympic Committee

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