Spatial Resolution

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Angular Resolution - Explanation
... The imaging system's resolution can be limited either by aberration or by diffraction causing blurring of the image ... In that case, the angular resolution of an optical system can be estimated (from the diameter of the aperture and the wavelength of the light) by the Rayleigh criterion invented by Lord Rayleigh Two point ... aperture, this translates into where θ is the angular resolution, λ is the wavelength of light, and D is the diameter of the lens' aperture ...
Cognitive Informatics - Research Methods - Brain Imaging
... types of imaging techniques vary in their temporal (time-based) and spatial (location-based) resolution ... PET has similar spatial resolution to fMRI, but it has extremely poor temporal resolution ... This technique has an extremely high temporal resolution, but a relatively poor spatial resolution ...
Digital Versus Film Photography - Image Quality - Spatial Resolution
... Pixel count is presumed to correlate with spatial resolution ... relationship between final output image resolution and sensor megapixel count ... Other factors are important in digital camera resolution, such as the number of pixels used to resolve the image, the effect of the Bayer pattern or ...

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