Spatial Frequency

In mathematics, physics, and engineering, spatial frequency is a characteristic of any structure that is periodic across position in space. The spatial frequency is a measure of how often sinusoidal components (as determined by the Fourier transform) of the structure repeat per unit of distance. The SI unit of spatial frequency is cycles per meter. In image processing applications, spatial frequency is often expressed in units of cycles per millimeter and sometimes incorrectly in units of line pairs per millimeter (incorrect since a line pair may describe a square wave but not a sinusoidal wave).

In wave mechanics, the spatial frequency is commonly denoted by or sometimes, although the latter is also used to represent temporal frequency. It is related to the wavelength by the formula

Likewise, the wave number (e.g. in radians per meter) is related to spatial frequency and wavelength by

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... This data is graphed against the spatial frequency data ... spatial frequency curve to remove any trends ... The 50% cutoff frequency is determined to yield the corresponding spatial frequency ...
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... The power spectrum of the CIB is usually presented in a spatial frequency vs ... a characteristic power spectrum of a power-law (that of a fractal spatial structure) P(f) = P0(f/f0)α, where P is the fluctuation power at the spatial frequency f, P0 is the ... which is much steeper than the power spectrum of the CIB at low spatial frequencies ...
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... The spatial frequency is the reciprocal of the period of the pattern in this image, normally measured in cycles/mm ... The contrast, normalised to make the contrast at zero spatial frequency equal to unity, expressed as a function of spatial frequency, is the definition of the modulation ...

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