Sparky is a common nickname for people and animals.

It may also refer to:

People nicknamed Sparky:

  • Sparky Adams (Earl John Adams, 1894–1989), American Major League Baseball player
  • Sparky Anderson (George Lee Anderson, 1934–2010), American Major League Baseball manager
  • Sparky Lyle (Albert Walter Lyle, born 1944), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mark Hughes (born 1963), former Welsh international football player and manager
  • Charles M. Schulz (1922–2000), American cartoonist, creator of the Peanuts comic strip
  • Ronald Speirs (1920–2007), United States Army officer
  • Sasha (DJ) (Alexander Paul Coe, born 1969), Welsh DJ and record producer
  • Mark Phillips, vocalist of British band Demented Are Go
  • Sparky Markowitz (Steve, Markowitz, ), Options/Derivatives Broker
  • DJ Sparky (Bruno Davison), A 22 year old Edinburgh based Electro & House DJ

In fictional characters:

  • Sparky the Fire Dog, official mascot of the National Fire Protection Association
  • Sparky, Richie's Pikachu in the Pokémon series
  • Sparky, one of the nicknames given to Rygel XVI by John Crichton in the science fiction television series Farscape
  • Sparky, gay dog on the animated television series South Park
  • Sparky, nickname for radio operator Sgt. Pryor on the television series M*A*S*H
  • Sparky, mechanic in the animated television series Speed Racer
  • Sparky, mechanic in the adventure game Flight of the Amazon Queen
  • Sparky, enemy type encountered in Super Mario World
  • Sparky the Wonder Penguin, character from the comic strip This Modern World
  • Sparky, nickname for Clark Wilhelm Griswold, Jr. in the National Lampoon's Vacation movies
  • Sparky, protagonist of the children's audio story Sparky's Magic Piano
  • Sparky, alien starship pilot on the animated television series Atomic Betty
  • Sparky, name of the dog in the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie
  • Sparky, alien experiment (number 221) from the Lilo & Stitch television series
  • Sparky, a young husky that made a major appearance in the Totally Spies! episode Arnold the Great.
  • Sparky, the original cover star of the British comic of the same name.

In other uses:

  • Sparky, a common slang term in Australasia for an Electrician. Also occasionally used in engineering as slang for an electrical engineer
  • Old Sparky, nickname for the electric chair in several U.S. states
  • Sparky (Mascot), Liberty University's team mascot, an eagle
  • Sparky the Sun Devil, Arizona State University mascot
  • Sparky (comic), British comic book
  • Sparky, super hero from the cartoon Static Shock
  • "Sparky", song from Images (Brotherhood of Man album) (1977)
  • Sparky, performing sea lion at the Como Zoo
  • Referred to in Cardiacs song "Dog Like Sparky" on the album Sing To God Part 1(1995)

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