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List Of Transformers: Energon Episodes - Season 1 - Scorponok's Scars (*japanese Release Only)
... It is revealed that the spark within Scorponok is not actually that of the grand chamberlain of Planet Q - his spark was completely extinguished in his last act of sacrifice ... Alpha Q instead used the wandering Spark of a Decepticon to recreate Scorponok, programming to act and think the way the real Scorponok did ...
Spark - Other
... Spark (mathematics), the smallest number of linearly dependent columns in a matrix Spark or Sinthusa, a genus of butterfly Kicksled or spark, a small sled Spark (horse), an American thoroughbred racehorse A British ...
Spark (cellular Automaton)
... In Conway's Game of Life and similar cellular automaton rules, a spark is a small collection of live cells that appears at the edge of some larger pattern such as a spaceship or oscillator, then quickly dies off ... Sparks are commonly separated by some distance from the main body of the pattern -- the analogy is to an object "throwing off sparks" -- but the minimum requirement is a set of cells on ... is not necessarily true for example, removing the spark in the accompanying illustration would destabilize the fumarole ...
Spark Networks
... Spark Networks (NYSE MKT LOV) owns many special-interest online personal sites, such as,,,, ... Spark was started in 1997 by Joe Y ...
Spark (radio Show) - Multiple Podcasts
... on-air version is available as a weekly podcast, augmented with two additional audio feeds Spark Plus (which features "bonus audio" such as full interviews), and "Bandwidth with Anshuman Iddamsetty", a ... Spark Lite, a low-bandwidth podcast of the on-air version powered by, was available from November 2008 to October 2011 it ended due to changes in policy ...

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    In general, one may pronounce kissing dangerous. A spark of fire has often been struck out of the collision of lips, that has blown up the whole magazine of virtue.
    Anonymous, U.S. women’s magazine contributor. Weekly Visitor or Ladies Miscellany, p. 203 (April 1803)

    I wouldn’t take the Pope too seriously. He’s a Pole first, a pope second, and maybe a Christian third.
    —Muriel Spark (b. 1918)

    New York, home of the vivisectors of the mind, and of the mentally vivisected still to be reassembled, of those who live intact, habitually wondering about their states of sanity, and home of those whose minds have been dead, bearing the scars of resurrection.
    —Muriel Spark (b. 1918)