Span may refer to:

  • Span (unit), the width of a human hand
  • Span (architecture), a section between two intermediate supports
  • Wingspan, the distance between the wingtips of a bird or aircraft

In mathematics:

  • Linear span, in linear algebra, the intersection of all subspaces containing a particular set of vectors
  • Span (category theory), a generalization of the notion of relation between two objects of a category

In computing:

  • , an HTML element (see span and div)
  • Switched Port Analyzer or Remote Switched Port Analyzer, the Cisco Systems implementation of port mirroring
  • Span (programming language), a programming language in the spirit of Smalltalk, targeting the Parrot virtual machine

Other uses:

  • Span (band), a Norwegian rock band
  • Span (Swiss band), a Swiss rock band
  • SPAN magazine, published by the Embassy of the United States in New Delhi, India
  • Span, a game similar to Connect Four
  • Denard Span, a baseball outfielder for the Washington Nationals
  • Saudi Payments Network, a financial transaction system in Saudi Arabia
  • CME SPAN (Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk), a system for calculating margin requirements for futures contracts
  • Span Developments, a British house design and building company
  • Span, a synonym for the Italian wine grape Nebbiolo

Other articles related to "spans":

Shaw Bridge - Structure
... Structurally, the bridge is a bowstring tied arch with two separate yet identical spans supported by end abutments and a center pier of mortared cut limestone ... Its lower chord, wrought iron spans between cast iron connecting blocks, is 162 feet (49 m) long, 13 feet (4.0 m) wide and 10.5 feet (3.2 m) above water level ... Wood stringers bolted to the iron beams run the length of the spans, and more iron rods cross-brace them ...
Second Abidjan Bridge
... The structure is a girder bridge, hollow box bridge with ten spans, two spans of 35 m and eight spans of 58 m each thus resulting a total length of 592 m ...
Pont Rouelle
... of four distinct portions On the Right Bank, an arch in masonry spans the bank road ... The portion that spans the right arm of the Seine consists of a single metal arch ... The part which spans the left arm of the river, reaching the Left Bank, rests on two piles in the Seine ...
State Highway No. 78 Bridge At The Red River - Architecture
... designed as a rare example of a K-Parker through truss bridge with camelback pony spans ... The bridge consists of eight rivited K-truss through spans with two camelback pony truss spans at each end ...

Famous quotes containing the word spans:

    This is my playes last scene, here heavens appoint
    My pilgrimages last mile; and my race
    Idly, yet quickly runne, hath this last pace,
    My spans last inch, my minutes last point,
    And gluttonous death, will instantly unjoynt
    My body, and soule, and I shall sleepe a space,
    John Donne (1572–1631)

    Men go out to admire the heights of mountains, the huge waves of the sea, the broadest spans of rivers, the circle of ocean, the revolutions of stars, and leave themselves behind.
    St. Augustine (354–430)