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Shirt-sleeve Environment
... When jet fighter aircraft reached still higher altitudes, something similar to a space suit had to be worn, and pilots of the highest reconnaissance aircraft wore real ... began the flight phases of launch, docking, and re-entry in space suits, although they could remove them for many hours ...
Apollo 15, Lunar Surface - EVA-1
... did they have to prepare Falcon, but had to don their space suits ... Apollo 15 was the first crew that got to sleep in long johns rather than having to stay in their space suits ... of the LM and carried the Apollo TV camera, sample bags, batteries, CO2 scrubbers for the space suits, and other equipment needed while the astronauts were outside the spacecraft ...
Space Suit - Spacesuit Models of Historical Significance - American Suit Models
... Hansen and colleagues at Litton Industries designed and built a working hard-shell suit, which was used inside vacuum chambers and was the predecessor of space suits used in ... Navy Mark IV high-altitude/vacuum suit used for Project Mercury (1961–1963) ... Gemini space suits (1965–1966), there were three main variants developed G3C designed for intra-vehicle use G4C specially designed for EVA and intra-vehicle use ...
Alien (film) - Direction and Design
... His storyboards included designs for the spaceship and space suits, drawing influences from films such as 2001 A Space Odyssey and Star Wars ... be expended toward rendering the environment of the spaceship, or space travel, whatever the fantastic setting of your story should be–as convincingly as possible, but always in the background ... of the film such as the spaceship and space suits ...

Famous quotes containing the words suits and/or space:

    They are actions that a man might play,
    But I have that within which passes show,
    These but the trappings and the suits of woe.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    I would have broke mine eye-strings, cracked them, but
    To look upon him, till the diminution
    Of space had pointed him sharp as my needle;
    Nay, followed him till he had melted from
    The smallness of a gnat to air, and then
    Have turned mine eye and wept.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)