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British Campaign In The Baltic (1918–1919) - Naval Forces Involved - Soviet Forces
... The Russian Baltic Fleet was the key naval force available to the Bolsheviks and essential to the protection of Petrograd ... revolution but still formed a significant force ...
The Barricades - Soviet Military Crackdown Threat
... The pro-Soviet forces tried to provoke violence and seize power in Latvia ... A series of bombings occurred in December 1990, Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov admitted that the military was responsible for the first four ... The government of the Soviet Union and other pro-Soviet groups threatened that a state of emergency would be established which would grant unlimited authority in Latvia to President ...
Sinyavino Offensive (1942) - Battle - Soviet Main Offensive, Volkhov Front, August 27 – September 9
... The hidden buildup of forces allowed the Soviet forces to enjoy a significant superiority on the first day of the offensive in manpower, tanks and artillery and caught the German by surprise ... from staging areas for Operation Nordlicht to meet the Soviet offensive ... To sustain their advance towards Sinyavino, the Soviet forces started committing their second echelon divisions into combat ...
Siege Of Sevastopol (1941–1942)
... Axis powers of Germany, Romania, and Italy against the Soviet Union for control of Sevastopol, a port in the Crimea on the Black Sea ... On 22 June 1941 the Axis invaded the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa ... Axis land forces reached the Crimea in the autumn of 1941 and overran most of the area ...
Stalin's Ten Blows - The Offensives
... once the initial defenses were broken Soviet forces easily reached the border of Estonia ... It involved the clearing of Axis forces from Ukraine ... This offensive cleared the Crimea of German and Romanian forces, and recaptured Sevastapol ...

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    What if all the forces of society were bent upon developing [poor] children? What if society’s business were making people instead of profits? How much of their creative beauty of spirit would remain unquenched through the years? How much of this responsiveness would follow them through life?
    Mary Heaton Vorse (1874–1966)

    Nothing an interested foreigner may have to say about the Soviet Union today can compare with the scorn and fury of those who inhabit the ruin of a dream.
    Christopher Hope (b. 1944)