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Territories Of Poland Annexed By The Soviet Union - Soviet Occupation of Poland, 1939–1941
... Further information Soviet annexation of Western Ukraine, 1939–1940 The Polish-Soviet border, as of 1939, had been determined in 1921 at the ... agreement on 28 September 1939, two weeks after the German invasion of western Poland, the Soviet Union invaded the portions of eastern Poland assigned to it by ... The Soviets annexation included all Polish territory east of the line of the rivers Pisa, Narew, Bug, and San, except for western part of the Wilno Voivodship with its ...
Soviet Annexation Of Western Ukraine, 1939–1940 - Soviet Policies in The Annexed Territories - Deportations and Demographic Changes
... Initially, the Soviet authorities deported primarily political figures as well as all Polish officials, civil servants, police, and Polish citizens who had fled from the Germans ... In Bukovina, in accordance with the agreement between the Soviet Union and Germany, most of the region's large German minority was repatriated ... In April 1940 the Soviet authorities in the annexed territories began to extend their repressive measures towards the general Ukrainian population ...
Denial Of The Holodomor - Soviet Union - Campaigns of Disinformation
... The Soviet Union denied all existence of the famine until its 50th anniversary, in 1983, when the world-wide Ukrainian community coordinated famine remembrance ... of the famine with the government of the Soviet Union ... While the Soviet government admitted that some peasantry died, it also sought to launch a disinformation campaign, in February 1983, to blame drought ...
Moscow Helsinki Group - Details
... Helsinki monitoring efforts began in the Soviet Union shortly after the publication of the Helsinki Final Act in Soviet newspapers ... The newly inaugurated NGO was meant to monitor Soviet compliance with the Helsinki Final Act ... The group's goal was to uphold the government of the Soviet Union to implement the commitment to human rights it had made in the Helsinki documents ...
Soviet Repressions Of Polish Citizens (1939–1946) - Dismantling of Polish Governmental and Social Institutions
... While Germans enforced their policies based on racism, the Soviet administration justified their Stalinist policies by appealing to the Soviet ideology, which in reality meant the thorough ... Immediately after their conquest of eastern Poland, the Soviet authorities started a campaign of sovietization of the newly acquired areas ... surrendered, on October 22, 1939, the Soviets organized staged elections to the Moscow-controlled Supreme Soviets (legislative body) of Western Byelorussia and Western ...

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    When once a certain class of people has been placed by the temporal and spiritual authorities outside the ranks of those whose life has value, then nothing comes more naturally to men than murder.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)

    So they lived. They didn’t sleep together, but they had children.
    —Russian saying popular in the Soviet period, trans. by Vladimir Ivanovich Shlyakov (1993)