SOV is an acronym for several terms:

in organizations

  • Same Old Vanderbilt, usually refers to Vanderbilt Commodores football by their fans due to lack of success over the years
  • Stade Olympique Voironnais, a French rugby union club
  • Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg, an Austrian orchestra

in people

  • Sov, used by the British MC Lady Sovereign in reference to herself
  • Sorin Ovidiu Vântu (born 1955), Romanian businessman

in other

  • SoV, the name of the main character of the weekly interactive webcast for the Disney television series So Weird
  • SOV, a former ticker symbol for Sovereign Bank
  • Share of Voice, a brand's percent of the total advertising weight in its product category
  • Shot On Video, low-budget independent films shot for distribution on tape, typically horror films of the 1980s
  • single-occupant vehicle
  • soft output Viterbi algorithm, a decoding method used in computer science
  • Subject–object–verb, used in linguistic typology
  • SOV, Shut off valve

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