Southern Liang

The Southern Liang (Chinese: 南凉; pinyin: Nánliáng; 397-414) was a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in China. The founding family Tufa was of Xianbei ethnicity and distant relative of the Tuoba imperial house of Northern Wei. According to the Jin Shu, the name was changed from Tuoba to Tufa because one of the Tufa ancestors was born on a blanket, and in the Xianbei language, "Tufa" meant "blanket."

All rulers of the Southern Liang proclaimed themselves "wang".

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Tufa Rutan
... Tufa Rutan (禿髮傉檀) (365–415), formally Prince Jing of (Southern) Liang) ((南)涼景王), was the last prince of the Chinese/Xianbei state Southern Liang ... military campaigns, and he greatly drained the resources of the Southern Liang people while doing so ... Southern Liang's strength particularly waned after a major 407 defeat at the hand of the Xia emperor Liu Bobo, and it drew attacks from its neighbors Northern Liang and Western Qin ...
List Of State Leaders In 402 - Asia
... Sixteen Kingdoms) Eastern Jin - Emperor An, Emperor of Eastern Jin (396-403) Later Liang - Lü Long, Emperor of Later Liang (401-403) Later Qin - Yao Xing, Emperor of Later Qin (394-416) Later ... Prince of Southern Yan (398-405) Gupta Empire – Chandragupta II, Gupta Emperor of India (375-414) Japan (Yamato period) - Emperor Richū, Emperor of ...
Lü Long - Reign
... (姚碩德) to launch a major attack on Later Liang ... Lü Long continued to be under constant attack by both Southern Liang and Northern Liang, and just a few months after Yao Shuode's withdrawal Lü Chao suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Southern Liang ... Lü Long tried to make peace with both Southern Liang and Northern Liang, and in 402 had a brief peace with both, even obtaining some famine relief from Northern Liang's ...
Tufa Rutan - Middle Reign
... While Southern Liang and Northern Liang had both become Later Qin vassals, they started sporadic but incessant warring with each other after their joint enemy ... In 406, Tufa Rutan attacked Northern Liang but after Juqu Mengxun refused to engage him, withdrew, and he made a tribute of 3,000 horses and 30,000 horses to Yao Xing, greatly ... duke Li Gao, aimed against Northern Liang ...

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