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Berthun Of Sussex
... Beorhthun (floruit 680s) was a dux of the South Saxons ... (Book IV, Chapter 15) records the invasion of the South Saxon kingdom by Caedwalla of the West Saxons and the killing of the South Saxon king Æthelwalh ... was driven off by Beorhthun and Andhun who then jointly ruled the South Saxons ...
Haestingas - History
... The foundation legend of the Kingdom of the South Saxons is given by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which states that in the year AD 477 Ælle arrived at a place called Cymenshore in three ships with his three sons ... settlement in the 5th century, for the South Saxons, has been identified as between the lower Ouse and Cuckmere rivers in East Sussex, based on the number of Anglo-Saxon cemeteries ... To the east of Pevensey, beyond the Saxon Shore Fort of Anderitum, on the other side of the estuary and marsh were a group of people who settled that were known as the Haestingas ...
Wulfhere Of Mercia - West Saxons, South Saxons and Hwicce
... In 661, Wulfhere is recorded in the Chronicle as harrying Ashdown, in West Saxon territory ... The Gewisse, thought to be the original group from which the West Saxons came, appear to have originally settled in the upper Thames valley, and what records survive of the 6th ... Also in the early 660s, the West Saxon see of Dorchester, in the same area, was divided, and a new bishopric set up at Winchester ...

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