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Tamil South Africans
... Tamil South Africans are South Africans of Tamil descent ... among the Indian immigrants who came from India to Natal, South Africa, from 1860 onwards, are Tamil, with Tamil people forming the majority ...
South African American - Demography
... Although the majority of South Africans who emigrate go to Australia and New Zealand, countries with which besides sharing cultural and linguistic heritage, they share a similar ... Many whites South African, both before and after the end of apartheid, emigrated a to Midwestern states such as Minnesota and Illinois ... Atlanta, Georgia, has a large population of South African Jews ...
South African American - History
... South Africans started arriving in the United States as early as the late 19th century starting with White South African (Afrikaner) miners who arrived in California ... Many more South Africans came in the mid-20th Century ... Immigration by blacks was limited though the standard of living for blacks in South Africa was higher than for most people living on the African continent, political and economic conditions still made ...
List Of Diasporas - S
... Scots went to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and a smaller but important community in Argentina ... Kingdom, France, Italy, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Brazil and South Africa ... South African diaspora - mainly consists of South African emigrants of European descent, especially those whose mother tongue (first language) is Afrikaans ...
Mzansi - Demographics
... Main article Demographics of South Africa South Africa is a nation of about 52 million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages, and religions ... South Africa is home to an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants, including some 3 million Zimbabweans ... A series of anti-immigrant riots occurred in South Africa beginning on 11 May 2008 ...

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    Where do whites fit in the New Africa? Nowhere, I’m inclined to say ... and I do believe that it is true that even the gentlest and most westernised Africans would like the emotional idea of the continent entirely without the complication of the presence of the white man for a generation or two. But nowhere, as an answer for us whites, is in the same category as remarks like What’s the use of living? in the face of the threat of atomic radiation. We are living; we are in Africa.
    Nadine Gordimer (b. 1923)

    Whenever I’m asked why Southern writers particularly have a penchant for writing about freaks, I say it is because we are still able to recognize one. To be able to recognize a freak, you have to have some conception of the whole man, and in the South the general conception of man is still, in the main, theological.
    Flannery O’Connor (1925–1964)