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List Of File Formats - Computer-aided - Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
... BRD – Board file for EAGLE Layout Editor, a commercial PCB design tool BSDL – Description language for testing through JTAG CDL – Transistor-level netlist format for IC design CPF – Power-do ...
Prefix Header - Overview
... In the C and C++ programming languages, a header file is a file whose text is included in another source file by the compiler, usually by the use of compiler directives at the beginning of the ... A prefix header differs from a normal header file in that it is automatically included at the beginning of every source file by the compiler, without the use of any compiler directives ...
Comparison Of C Sharp And Java - Language and Features - Preprocessing, Compilation and Packaging - Namespaces and File Contents
... Unlike package names in Java, a namespace is not in any way tied to the location of the source file ... While it is not strictly necessary for a Java source file location to mirror its package directory structure, it is the conventional organization ... Microsystems Java compiler requires that a source file name must match the only public class inside it, while C# allows multiple public classes in the same file, and ...
Java Package - Using Packages
... In a Java source file, the package that this file's class or classes belong to is specified with the package keyword ... This keyword is usually the first keyword in the source file ... To use a package's classes inside a Java source file, it is convenient to import the classes from the package with an import declaration ...
Sidecar File
... Sidecar files, also known as buddy files or connected files, are files which store data (often metadata) which is not supported by the source file format ... For each source file one or more sidecar files can be created ... one database contains metadata for several source files ...

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