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List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - F
... Description Used by F Archive FREEZE F Fortran language source code file (in fixed form) Many Fortran compilers F01 Fax perfectfax F03 Fortran language source code file (in free form) Many Fortran ... MS-DOS - FIL Overlay WordPerfect FIL File which was moved to the Virus Vault by AVG FILM Filmkey film file Filmkey Player FIN Print-formatted text file Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE FIO Aldus ...
List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - S
... Description Used by S$$ Temporary sort file Sprint S ASSEMBLY source code file unix S Multi Edit macro file source Multi Edit S MSTS Shape file MSTS S19 Motorola ASCII format of executables S1K S1000 Simnet ... Windows Explorer SCF Multimedia show ScoreMaker SCF Spelling checker configuration file Symphony SCH Project schedule Schedule Publisher SCH Circuit Design Schematic P-CAD - Orcad ... cookie") (Movie, film, video and multimedia file type) Adobe Flash SOM Network serial numbers Quattro Pro SOM Sort information Paradox SON Song SBStudio II SOU Temporary BATCH file RT-11 ...
MUMPS - Sample Programs
... The direct execution of source code on historical computing platforms in an era of tiny disks, minuscule RAM and 300 baud serial connections led to a historical coding style that was terse, dense and expert ... This is an example of M code from 2010, a solution to a benchmarking exercise based on calculating the longest sequence encountered when calculating the longest sequence of the Collatz conjecture for ... keys and values - each subscript and value is spelled out using the strings in the program source line labelled "digits" Furthermore, the strings are in a number of international languages when GT.M is ...

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