Sound Blaster

The Sound Blaster family of sound cards was the de facto standard for consumer audio on the IBM PC compatible system platform, until the widespread transition to Microsoft Windows 95, which standardized the programming interface at application level (eliminating the importance of backward compatibility with Sound Blaster), and the evolution in PC design led to onboard motherboard-audio, which commoditized PC audio functionality.

The creator of Sound Blaster is the Singapore-based firm Creative Technology, also known by the name of its United States subsidiary, Creative Labs.

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Sound Blaster - Audio Effects Processor
... Notes EMU10K1 16-bit 2.0 2.44 million 350 nm, 335 MIPS, 32 DirectSound3D sound channels EMU10K2 16-bit 3.0 4 million 200 MHz, 64 DirectSound3D sound channels EMU10K2.5 24-bit 4.0 4,6 million 180 ...
Space Quest III: The Pirates Of Pestulon - Technical Details
... drummer Bob Siebenberg, and was one of the first games to support the new Sound Blaster sound card ... Sound effects included digitized audio sampling, such as the voice of Roger Wilco speaking "Where am I?" during the introduction ... Though Space Quest III was designed to utilize the Sound Blaster's ability to play digital samples, the inclusion of an incorrect driver file left the effects unavailable to ...
Sound Blaster 16
... Sound Blaster 16 (June 1992), the successor to the Sound Blaster Pro, introduced 16-bit digital audio sampling to the Sound Blaster line ... The Sound Blaster 16 also added an expansion-header for add-on MIDI-daughterboards with sample-based synthesis capabilities complying to the General MIDI standard, a socket for an ... The Sound Blaster 16 retained the Yamaha OPL-3 chip for FM synthesis, and was mostly compatible with software written for the older Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Pro sound cards ...
Sound Blaster AWE32 - Sound Blaster 32
... The Sound Blaster 32 (SB32) was a value-oriented offering from Creative, announced on June 6, 1995, designed to fit below the AWE32 Value in the lineup ... The SB32 lacked onboard RAM, the Wave Blaster header, and the CSP socket ... Some Sound Blaster 32 PnP with onboard 512kB RAM was sold as AWE32 OEM in Dell computers ...
List Of Yamaha Products - Semiconductors - Sound Chips
... SCSP Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor PSG/SSG YM2149 / YMZ294 / YMZ284 / YMZ285 (SSG) — PSG variants, adopted by MSX2 (1985) standard ... YM3812 (OPL2) — used on 1st 2nd generation Sound Blaster cards for FM sound ... YMF262 (OPL3) — used on 3rd 4th generation Sound Blaster cards for FM sound ...

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