Song Jiang

Song Jiang was the leader of a group of outlaws who lived during the Song Dynasty. The outlaws were active in the present-day provinces of Shandong and Henan before their eventual surrender to the government. Song Jiang is also featured as a character in the Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. He ranks 1st of the 36 Heavenly Spirits of the 108 Liangshan heroes and is nicknamed "Protector of Justice".

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Li Li (Water Margin) - Background
... Song Jiang passes by Li Li's tavern on his way to exile in Jiangzhou (present-day Jiangxi) and takes a break there ... Li Li knocks Song Jiang out by adding drugs into his food and wine and he attempts to rob and kill Song ... Song Jiang regains consciousness and Li Jun introduces him to Li Li ...
List Of Water Margin Minor Characters - Song Jiang's Story
... Further information Song Jiang Yan Poxi (traditional Chinese 閻婆惜 simplified Chinese 阎婆惜 pinyin Yán Póxī) is Song Jiang's concubine ... Her mother persuades an initially reluctant Song to marry the 18-year-old Yan after he covers the costs of the funeral arrangements for Yan's deceased father ... Yan gradually comes to detest Song and begins an affair with his assistant Zhang Wenyuan ...
Song Jiang's Poem
... This is the poem hinting rebellion written by Song Jiang when he was drunk at Xunyang Tower in Jiangzhou ... my grievances, the Xunyang River will be covered in blood! Song Jiang then read what he wrote, laughing hysterically as he did ... ambitions, I dare to laugh at Huang Chao for not being a real man! He then added "Work of Song Jiang from Yuncheng" (鄆城宋江作) at the end ...
Kong Ming (Water Margin) - Background
... sends them to Chai Jin's residence to fetch Song Jiang to their manor ... The Kong brothers are fond of martial arts and they become Song Jiang's students ... In a later chapter, Wu Song flees to the Kongs' manor after killing Inspector Zhang in Mengzhou ...
Lu Junyi - Arrest and Imprisonment
... When Lu Junyi passes by Liangshan, the outlaws ambush him and Song Jiang speaks to him, requesting that he join Liangshan ... Lu Junyi refuses but Song Jiang allows him to leave ... Song Jiang feels guilty as he believes that he is responsible for Lu Junyi's plight thus he rallies his fellows to form an army to attack Daming Prefecture and rescue the captives ...

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