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Sol (mythology)
... Sol was the solar deity in Ancient Roman religion ... The first, Sol Indiges, was thought to have been unimportant, disappearing altogether at an early period ... did solar cult re-appear with the arrival in Rome of the Syrian Sol Invictus, perhaps under the influence of the Mithraic mysteries ...
Sonoma County Sol (WPSL)
... Sonoma County Sol was an American women’s soccer team, founded in 2005 ... The team was a sister organization of the men's Sonoma County Sol team, which plays in the National Premier Soccer League ...
Sol (mythology) - Identification With Janus
... writing five centuries later, Macrobius reports that Nigidius argued that Sol was to be identified with Janus and that he had a counterpart, Jana, who was Moon ... elite — no ancient source aside from Macrobius mentions the equation of Sol with Janus — and had no impact on the well-attested cult of Sol as independent deity ...
Sol Plaatje Prize For Translation
... The Sol Plaatje Prize for Translation is a bi-annual prize, first awarded in 2007, for translation of prose or poetry into English from any of the other South African official ... by the English Academy of South Africa, and was named in honour of Sol Plaatje ...

Famous quotes containing the word sol:

    my Uncle Sol’s farm
    failed because the chickens
    ate the vegetables so
    my Uncle Sol had a
    chicken farm till the
    skunks ate the chickens when
    —E.E. (Edward Estlin)