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Nav1.1 - Function
... The vertebrate sodium channel is a voltage-gated ion channel essential for the generation and propagation of action potentials, chiefly in nerve and muscle ... Voltage-sensitive sodium channels are heteromeric complexes consisting of a large central pore-forming glycosylated alpha subunit and 2 smaller auxiliary beta subunits ... Functional studies have indicated that the transmembrane alpha subunit of the brain sodium channels is sufficient for expression of functional sodium channels ...
Ventricular Action Potential
... potential, phase 0, specialized membrane proteins (voltage-gated sodium channels) in the cell membrane selectively allow sodium ions to enter the cell ... As the membrane voltage rises (to about 40 mV) sodium channels close due to a process called inactivation ... The Na+ channel opening is followed by inactivation ...
Bathmotropic - Physiological Explanation
... resting potential and to the activation state of membrane sodium channels ... rises towards −60 mV, electrochemical changes begin to take place in the voltage-gated rapid sodium channels, which permit the rapid influx of sodium ions ... When enough sodium channels are opened, so that the rapid influx of sodium ions is greater than the tonic efflux of potassium ions, then the resting potential becomes ...
Sodium Channel
... Sodium channels are integral membrane proteins that form ion channels, conducting sodium ions (Na+) through a cell's plasma membrane ... They are classified according to the trigger that opens the channel for such ions, i.e ... voltage-change ("Voltage gated", "voltage sensitive" or "voltage dependant" sodium channel also called "VGSCs" or "Nav channel") or binding of a substance (a ligand) to the channel (ligand-gated sodium ...
Types of G Protein-gated Ion Channels - Sodium Channels
... found evidence for a second-messenger pathway which may indirectly control these channels ... indirectly or directly activate Na+ ion channels not been defined with complete certainty ...

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