Sobolev (masculine) and Soboleva (feminine) is a popular Russian surname and may refer to the following people:

  • Leonid Sobolev (1844–1913), Russian general
  • Sergei Lvovich Sobolev (1908–1989), Russian mathematician
  • Viktor Viktorovich Sobolev, Russian astrophysicist
  • Vladimir Sobolev (disambiguation), several people
  • Yelena Soboleva (birn 1982), Russian runner
  • Arkady Alexandrovich Sobolev, Russian diplomat
  • Blessed Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) of Bogucharsk, the spiritual Father of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria
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... equation, it is in general a weak solution, so it belongs to some Sobolev space ... since the boundary does have measure zero, any function in a Sobolev space can be completely redefined on the boundary without changing the function as an element in that space ... this difficulty is the observation that while an element in a Sobolev space may be ill-defined as a function, can be nevertheless approximated by a sequence of functions defined on ...
Trudinger's Theorem
... Moser–Trudinger inequality) is a result of functional analysis on Sobolev spaces ... It provides an inequality between a certain Sobolev space norm and an Orlicz space norm of a function ... The inequality is a limiting case of Sobolev imbedding and can be stated as the following theorem ...
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... The Sobolev conjugate of p for, where n is space dimensionality, is This is an important parameter in the Sobolev inequalities ...
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1965, director Felix Sobolev Animals' Tongue, Язык животных, 1967, director Felix Sobolev Seven Steps beyond Horizon ...
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... We require the space, the Sobolev space of "once-differentiable" functions on, such that both the function and its partial derivatives, are all square integrable ... "in the weak sense" (see the article on Sobolev spaces for details.) The space is a Hilbert space, which accounts for much of the ease with which these problems are analyzed ... The discussion in details of Sobolev spaces is beyond the scope of this article, but we will quote required results as they arise ...