SNA, Sna, or sna may refer to:

In economics:

  • System of National Accounts, a conceptual framework that sets the international statistical standard for the measurement of the market economy
  • United Nations System of National Accounts

In media:

  • (Sofia News Agency), Bulgaria's largest English language news provider
  • Sky News Australia, Australian 24 hour news channel

In science and technology:

  • Avaya Secure Network Access, was Nortel Secure Network Access, Nortel-SNA, or NSNA, a NAC product of Nortel
  • .sna, snapshot file used in ZX Spectrum emulation
  • Social Network Aggregator
  • Social network analysis
  • Sous-marin nucléaire d'attaque, the French term for tactical nuclear submarines
  • IBM Systems Network Architecture, an IBM computer networking protocol
  • SNA, for the lectin of Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)
  • Spherical Nucleic Acids

In transport:

  • John Wayne Airport, IATA airport code SNA
  • Santa Ana (Amtrak station), Amtrak station code SNA
  • Skynet Asia, a Japanese airline
  • Student Naval Aviator

Other uses:

  • Sanandaj, a city in Kurdistan, Iran
  • Somali National Army, from 1960 to 1991
  • Somali National Alliance, a faction in the Somali Civil War from 1992
  • Special needs assistant, a person working with people with special needs

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