Smuggling is the illegal transportation of goods or persons, such as out of a building, into a prison, or across an international border, in violation of applicable laws or other regulations.

There are various motivations to smuggle. These include the participation in illegal trade, such as in the drug trade, in illegal immigration or illegal emigration, tax evasion, providing contraband to a prison inmate, or the theft of the items being smuggled. Examples of non-financial motivations include bringing banned items past a security checkpoint (such as airline security) or the removal of classified documents from a government or corporate office.

Smuggling is a common theme in literature, from Bizet's Carmen to the James Bond books (and later films) Diamonds are Forever and Goldfinger.

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... Three groups of smugglers had gathered one to unload and transport the cargo and two groups of "Batmen", to protect the first ... as the main blockade force had been lured away by the smugglers ... Some smugglers used guns, although the shooting of the Revenue officer often roused the authorities to step up their efforts against smuggling ...
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... Robertsbridge itself was the site of a famous ambush, 30 smugglers assembled, fortified themselves with drink, and ambushed a wagon-load of seized contraband tea on Silver Hill, killing a ... found only one available bed, "all the rest were inhabited by smugglers" ...
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