• (adj): Minimal in magnitude.
    Example: "The smallest amount"
    Synonyms: least, lowest
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List Of Political And Geographic Subdivisions By Total Area From 1,000 To 5,000 Km²
... Balearic Islands 4,992 Smallest autonomous community of Spain ... San José Province 4,960 Third smallest province of Costa Rica ... Abia State 4,857 Third smallest state of Nigeria ...
Louis Réard - Invention of Bikini
... and Jacques Heim, his rival designer, were competing to produce the world's smallest swimsuit ... and called it the "atom" and advertised it as "the world's smallest bathing suit." In 1946 Réard introduced the bikini ... square inches of fabric, he promoted his creation as "smaller than the world's smallest bathing suit." He called his creation the bikini, named after the Bikini ...
Brazilian Gold Frog
... didactylus), also known as Izecksohn's toad, is the second smallest frog in the Southern Hemisphere (the smallest being Paedophryne amauensis of Papua New Guinea, described in 2012) ... The smallest frogs of the Northern Hemisphere are the Cuban Eleutherodactylus iberia, which is similar in size, and Eleutherodactylus limbatus, of which fully mature adults as small as 8.5 mm have ...
List Of Political And Geographic Subdivisions By Total Area From 250 To 1,000 Km²
... Punaka 977 Third smallest district of Bhutan ... Hanoi (municipality) 921.8 Third smallest province of Vietnam ... Islamabad Capital Territory 906 Smallest province of Pakistan ...
... Though it is commonly known as the "smallest municipality of Veneto", actually Laghi is ten times the area of the smallest one (Zermeghedo) ... Rather, Laghi is Veneto's municipality with the "smallest number of inhabitants" and also the one with the lowest density ...

More definitions of "smallest":

  • (adj): Having or being distinguished by diminutive size.
    Synonyms: least, littlest

Famous quotes containing the word smallest:

    The person whose doors I enter with most pleasure, and quit with most regret, never did me the smallest favour.
    William Hazlitt (1778–1830)

    The government is huge, stupid, greedy and makes nosy, officious and dangerous intrusions into the smallest corners of life—this much we can stand. But the real problem is that government is boring. We could cure or mitigate the other ills Washington visits on us if we could only bring ourselves to pay attention to Washington itself. But we cannot.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    Only the family, society’s smallest unit, can change and yet maintain enough continuity to rear children who will not be “strangers in a strange land,” who will be rooted firmly enough to grow and adapt.
    Salvador Minuchin (20th century)