Slur can mean:

  • Pejorative, any term of disparagement.
  • Slur (phonology), unclear or abnormal enunciation.
  • Slur (music), a symbol in Western musical notation indicating that the notes it embraces are to be played legato (smoothly).
  • Slur, a character in Mega Man Battle Network; see List of Mega Man Battle Network characters.

Other articles related to "slur, slurs":

Sexual Slur
... A sexual slur is a term of disparagement used to refer to members of a given sexual minority, gender, sex, or sexual orientation in a derogatory or pejorative manner ... The motivation for using a sexual slur is often sexism and/or bias against a sexual orientation or practice ... Many sexual slurs are used in a wide range of contexts outside of their primary meaning for example, gay may be used as a term of disparagement to refer to any person or thing ...
Schijt - Profanity Related To Ethnic Slurs and Social Slurs
... Aap (literally "ape" or "monkey") is an ethnic slur, for people of African or Indonesian descent ... geitenneuker Geitenneuker (literally "goat fucker") is an ethnic slur applying to Muslims or people of Middle Eastern descent ... Kakker (literally "crapper") is social slur, referring to people of higher social standing than the speaker ...
... and is often notated by adding dots under slur markings ... alternatives a wavy line, and dots under a slur ... placing "legato" dashes (tenuto) under a slur (Wall 2001a) ...
MTV Splitsvilla - Controversies After Splitsvilla 2 - Racial Slur
... One of the contestants on the show Mohit Malhotra, has been accused of using a racial slur after he called Siddharth Bhardwaj, a "Nepali with 'chinky' eyes" ... the network and the sponsors have been accused of supporting such racial slurs by not bleeping the content after they decided to air it ... The racial slur that was used was beeped out and later Nikhil at the dumping ground raised the issue telling Aakriti not to "advertise her ignorance anymore" and that serious actions will be taken if it happens ...

Famous quotes containing the word slur:

    When a woman drinks it’s as if an animal were drinking, or a child. Alcoholism is scandalous in a woman, and a female alcoholic is rare, a serious matter. It’s a slur on the divine in our nature.
    Marguerite Duras (b. 1914)

    Wise Draco comes, deep in the midnight roll
    Of black artillery; he comes, though late;
    In code corroborating Calvin’s creed
    And cynic tyrannies of honest kings;
    He comes, nor parlies; and the Town, redeemed,
    Gives thanks devout; nor, being thankful, heeds
    The grimy slur on the Republic’s faith implied,
    Which holds that Man is naturally good,
    And—more—is Nature’s Roman, never to be
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)