The initialism SLR can refer to:

  • Satellite laser ranging
  • Scalable Linear Recording tape drive backup
  • Sea-level rise; see Current sea level rise
  • Self-loading rifle, see semi-automatic rifle.
    • The UK version of the Belgian FN FAL select fire battle rifle, the L1A1 SLR.
  • Semi-linear resolution
  • Sending loudness rating
  • Simple linear regression, an estimator used in statistics
  • Simple LR parser (Simple Left-to-right Rightmost-derivation parser)
  • Single-lens reflex camera
    • See also: Digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR)
  • Sri Lanka Railways
  • Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Sta. Lucia Realtors, a professional basketball team.
  • Stanford Law Review
  • Statutory liquidity ratio
  • Sydney Light Rail (now Metro Light Rail)


  • The Holden Torana SLR5000, a 1974 Australian muscle car.
  • Sports Leicht Rennsport (Sports Light Racing), a name originally given to Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, the 1955 sportcar racer and was recently handed down to Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.
  • SLR, the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad's reporting mark

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List Of Japanese Inventions - Technology - Cameras
... camera that featured interchangeable lenses and a SLR viewfinder ... a prototype analog electronic still SLR camera, the Nikon SVC, the first digital SLR ...
City And Brixton Railway - Plans
... partially utilised the soon-to-be-abandoned tunnels of the City South London Railway (C SLR, now the Bank branch of the Northern line) between its northern terminus at King William Street and a point north of ... The C SLR was planning a new northern extension to Moorgate and was going to close the poorly-sited King William Street station and sections of its two running tunnels ... The C BR's plan was to use the C SLR's tunnels to a point just south of a new station at London Bridge (in direct competition with a station planned there by the C SLR) ...
SLR Grammar
... In computer science, SLR grammars are the class of formal grammars that are accepted by a Simple LR parser ... SLR grammars are a superset of all LR(0) grammars, and a subset of all LALR(1) and LR(1) grammars ... When processed by an SLR parser, an SLR grammar is converted into parse tables with no shift/reduce or reduce/reduce conflicts for any combination of LR(0 ...
Slumberland Records - Catalog - SLR Catalog Discography (1992 - Current)
... Release Number Artist Title Format Released SLR 08 V/A Just A Taste CD Mar 1996 SLR 16 Linda Smith Til Another Time 7" Nov 1993 SLR 17 The Ropers ... Christopher Radio France Sessions EP 7" Nov 1993 SLR 20 Lilys In The Presence of Nothing LP Sep 1992 SLR 21 Sleepyhead Punk Rock U.S.A ... LP Apr 1993 SLR 22 Stereolab Switched On LP Oct 1992 SLR 23 Velocity Girl 6 Song EP CD Feb 1993 SLR 24 Stereolab John Cage Bubblegum 7" Jan 1993 SLR 25 Jane Pow Love It, Be It / State CD ...
Scalable Linear Recording
... The earliest SLR drive, the SLR1, has a capacity of 250 MB, while the latest drive, the SLR140, has a capacity of 70 GB ... The term SLR is now often used to refer to QIC tapes, as they are the only drives still manufactured that use them ...