Slave Trade

  • (noun): Traffic in slaves; especially in Black Africans transported to America in the 16th to 19th centuries.
    Synonyms: slave traffic

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Lloyd Mathews
... in East Africa for the suppression of the slave trade. 6,300 men and was used in several expeditions to suppress the slave trade and rebellions against the Zanzibar government ... This resulted in the prohibiting of the slave trade in Zanzibar's dominions in 1890 and the abolition of slavery in 1897 ...
Slavery In Africa - Slavery Practices Throughout Africa - Northern Africa
... The Sahel region south of the Sahara provided many of the African slaves held in North Africa during this period and there was a trans-Saharan slave trade in ... The medieval slave trade in Europe was mainly to the East and South the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim World were the destinations, Central and Eastern Europe an important source ... prohibited it—or at least the export of Christian slaves to non-Christian lands was prohibited at, for example, the Council of Koblenz in 922, the Council of London in 1102 ...
Slavery In Libya - Slavery - Black Africans
... and others who are indigenous to Libya facilitated, taxed and partly organized the trade from the South along the trans-Saharan trade routes ... In the 1830s - a period of time when slave trade flourished - Ghadames was handling 2,500 slaves a year ... Even though the slave trade was officially abolished in Tripoli in 1853, in practice it continued until the 1890s ...
Slavery In Iran - Under The Qajars
... Due to several factors, the trade of enslaved East African peoples increased during the Qajar dynasty ... Eventually most of the people sold in Persia as slaves were from the south eastern coast of Africa and the Horn of Africa ... The largest slave markets were in Shiraz and Isfahan, but enslaved peoples were also sold in Tehran, Tabriz, and Mashhad ...
Subjected - History - Middle Ages - Medieval Europe
... Main articles Slavery in medieval Europe and Barbary slave trade See also Serfdom Large-scale trading in slaves was mainly confined to the South and ... Viking, Arab, Greek, and Radhanite Jewish merchants were all involved in the slave trade during the Early Middle Ages ... The trade in European slaves reached a peak in the 10th century following the Zanj rebellion which dampened the use of African slaves in the Arab world ...

Famous quotes containing the words trade and/or slave:

    Killers, huh? I’d trade the pair of you for a good Camp Fire Girl.
    Daniel Taradash (b. 1913)

    ... where there is one slave there are always two—he who wears the chain and he who rivets it.
    Jeanne De Hericourt (1809–1875)