Sirenik Eskimos

Sirenik Eskimos

Sirenik or Sireniki Eskimos are former speakers of a very peculiar Eskimo language in Siberia, before they underwent a language shift rendering it extinct. The peculiarities of this language among Eskimo languages amount to the extent that it is proposed by some to classify it as a standalone third branch of Eskimo languages (alongside Inuit and Yupik). The total language death of this peculiar remnant means that now the cultural identity of Sireniki Eskimos is maintained through other aspects: slight dialectical difference in the adopted Siberian Yupik language; sense of place, including appreciation of the antiquity of their settlement Sireniki.

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Esquimaux - Sirenik Eskimos
... Main article Sirenik Eskimos Some speakers of Siberian Yupik languages used to speak an Eskimo variant in the past, before they underwent a language shift ... These former speakers of Sirenik Eskimo language inhabited settlements Sireniki, Imtuk, and some small villages stretching to the west from Sirenik along south-eastern coasts of ... As early as in 1895, Imtuk was already a settlement with mixed population, Sirenik Eskimos and Ungazigmit (the latter belonging to Siberian Yupik) ...
Sirenik Eskimos - Present and Near Past
... the best amount in Sireniki (compared to other Asiatic Eskimo settlements), for example the skills to manufacture the large type of skin boats, similar to those called angyapik among Siberian Yupik ...

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