Sir Edmund Antrobus, 3rd Baronet

Sir Edmund Antrobus, 3rd Baronet (3 September 1818 – 1 April 1899) was a British politician and Member of Parliament for several constituencies.

Sir Edmund was the eldest son of Sir Edmund Antrobus, 2nd Baronet and Anne Lindsay of Antrobus Hall, Cheshire and Amesbury, Wiltshire and was educated at Cambridge University. He married Marianne Georgiana Dashwood on 11 February 1847, and with her had six children: Louisa Emma, Edmund, Robert Lindsay, Cosmo Gordon and two other daughters.

His land included the ancient monument Stonehenge, but during his lifetime he not only refused to let the government agency for the preservation of ancient monuments even look at the property. It was rumored that an anonymous buyer wanted to buy the stones and take them to the United States; if Antrobus had accepted the offer, no one could have stopped him.

He was elected MP for East Surrey in 1841, serving until 1847. He was subsequently elected as Liberal MP for Wilton in 1855, serving until 1877. He was High Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1880.

He succeeded to the Baronetcy upon the death of his father on 4 May 1870. Upon his death, he was succeeded to the Baronetcy by his eldest son, Sir Edmund Antrobus, 4th Baronet.

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