• (adj): Of or relating to the Sinhalese people.
    Example: "Sinhalese rebels fighting the Tamils"
    Synonyms: Singhalese
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Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalism
... Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism is a political ideology which combines a focus upon Sinhalese culture and ethnicity with an emphasis upon Theravada Buddhism, which is the majority ... Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism has also been a driving force of interest in the Sri Lankan Civil War against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ...
Sri Lankan Expatriates - Distribution By Continent - Oceania - Australia
... The 2006 Census in Australia found that there were approximately 29,055 Sinhalese Australians (0.1 percent of the population) ... That was an addition of 8,395 Sinhalese Australians (a 40.6 percent increase) from the 2001 Census ... of the population) who reported having Sinhalese ancestry in 2006 ...
Abraham Mendis Gunasekera
... Gunasekera produced a Sinhalese grammar as well as Sinhalese-English and English-Sinhalese dictionaries ...
Battle Of Gannoruwa - Preparations
... to attack Kandy after the seizure of his horses by the Sinhalese king ... soldiers and 5000 mercenaries including Lascarins, Kaffirs, Malays, Canarese and some Sinhalese ... The city was evacuated, since the Sinhalese army was not capable of facing the Portuguese army head on ...

More definitions of "Sinhalese":

  • (adj): Of or relating to the Sinhalese languages.
    Example: "The Sinhalese verions of the Ramayana"
    Synonyms: Sinhala, Singhalese
  • (noun): The Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka.
    Synonyms: Singhalese, Sinhala
  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka.
    Synonyms: Singhalese