Silver Mica Capacitor - Types - Silvered Mica Capacitors

Silvered Mica Capacitors

Commonly known as silver mica capacitors, these rendered clamped mica capacitors obsolete. Instead of being clamped with foils these are assembled from sheets of mica coated on both sides with deposited metal. The assembly is dipped in epoxy. The advantages are:

  • Greater stability, since there are no capacitive airgaps that can change dimension
  • Airtight enclosure removes the risk of oxidation or corrosion of plates or connections
  • Greater capacitance per volume, since there are no airgaps between plates and mica, the conducting surfaces can be thinner
    • No clamping mechanism is needed

Silvered mica capacitors are one of the less popularly used types due to their high cost.

They are sometimes informally referred to as mica capacitors. Any modern reference to mica capacitors can be assumed to mean these, unless pre-war equipment is being discussed.

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Silver Mica Capacitor - Types - Clamped Mica Capacitors
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