Silver Age

A silver age is a name often given to a particular period within a history, typically as a lesser and later successor to a golden age, the metal silver generally being valuable, but less so than gold.

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Silver Age Of Alpinism
... The silver age of alpinism is the name given in Great Britain to the era in mountaineering that began after Edward Whymper and party's ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 and ended with W ... Whilst the Golden age of alpinism (1854–1865) was characterised by the first ascents of many of the Alps's most dominant mountains, the subsequent silver ...
Superman (Earth-Two) - Fictional Character Biography
... When the Golden Age of Comic Books came to a close in the 1950s, most of DC Comics' superhero comic books ceased publication ... At the start of the Silver Age, characters such as the Flash and Green Lantern were revamped for more modern times, ignoring or abandoning established continuity and thus making a ... It was later established that the Golden Age and Silver Age heroes lived on Earth-Two and Earth-One respectively, these being separate parallel ...
Other Silver Ages
... The term has been applied to a number of other periods following a "Golden Age", including The Silver Age of Latin literature The Silver Age of Comic Books, the 2000 DC Comics series Silver Age was ...
Superhero Fiction - History - Silver Age
... recreated many popular 1940s heroes, launching an era later deemed the Silver Age of comic books ...
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... Artemis of Bana-Mighdall Ares Cheetah Justice Society of America Released April 4, 2001 Golden Age Doctor Mid-Nite Golden Age Sandman Golden Age Hourman Justice League of America Released June 6, 2001 ... Flash, Kid Flash Cosmic treadmill - July 4 Silver Age Wonder Woman Wonder Girl - August 22 Lobo with Dawg Cycle - October 17 Silver Age Superman Lois Lane - November 7 Silver Age Green Arrow ...

Famous quotes containing the words age and/or silver:

    My age fallen away like white swaddling
    Floats in the middle distance, becomes
    An inhabited cloud.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    A black pall, you know, with a silver cross on it, or R.I.P.—requiescat in pace—you know. That seems to me the most beautiful expression—I like it much better than ‘He is a jolly good fellow,’ which is simply rowdy.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)