Significance Level

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Statistical Hypothesis Testing - Definition of Terms
... Size / Significance level of a test (α) For simple hypotheses, this is the test's probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis ... Statistical significance test A predecessor to the statistical hypothesis test (see the Origins section) ... A test is conservative if, when constructed for a given nominal significance level, the true probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis is ...
Statistical Inference With Correlograms
... one can draw upper and lower bounds for autocorrelation with significance level with as the estimated autocorrelation at lag ... that there is no autocorrelation at and beyond a given lag is rejected at a significance level of ... of the standard normal distribution and α is the significance level ...
P-value - Misunderstandings
... The data obtained by comparing the p-value to a significance level will yield one of two results either the null hypothesis is rejected, or the null hypothesis cannot be ... A small p-value that indicates statistical significance does not indicate that an alternative hypothesis is ipso facto correct ... the ubiquity of p-value tests, this particular test for statistical significance has come under heavy criticism due both to its inherent shortcomings and the potential for misinterpretation ...

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