SIDS may refer to:

  • Screening Information Datasets
  • Small Island Developing States
  • Sudden infant death syndrome

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Saab Information Display
... Saab Information Display, or SID, later also called 'Saab Car Computer'(SCC) is the name for various in-car computer systems found on most Saab automobiles beginning in 1994 with the Saab 900 NG ... SIDs typically provide functions useful to the driver such as multiple trip odometers, fuel efficiency, estimated range ('distance to empty' - DTE), current CD track or radio station, and also brief ... SIDs designed prior to the full General Motors takeover of Saab in 2000 were mounted in the center console, usually just above the head unit and below climate ...
Small Island Developing States - List of SIDS
... the Indian Ocean Commission respectively, which many SIDS are members or associate members of ... In addition, most (but not all) SIDS are members of the Alliance of Small Island States, which performs lobbying and negotiating functions for the SIDS within the United Nations system ...
Music Of Detroit - Hardcore - 1980s - 1990s
... Skraps were fronted by members of the uber punk gang, The Apple Sids ... for their uniform of engineer boots, Brook's leather jackets, and evil tattoos—the Sids were a gang in the scene, they were often employed as bouncers at ... The Sids called themselves a club, but they were soon known as a gang and they had the SIDs emblem painted on the back of their jackets to prove it ...
Middletown High School North - SIDS Game
... North Student Council has hosted the annual Megan Biebel Memorial SIDS game to benefit research for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ... In recent years, the SIDS game has also held a pre-game carnival ... in honor of Megan Biebel, who died of SIDS in March 2000 ...