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Penrose Tiling - Features and Constructions - Inflation and Deflation - Robinson Triangle Decompositions
... Concretely, if AS has side lengths (1, 1, φ), then AL has side lengths (φ, φ, 1) ... size as AL then BL is an enlarged version φAS of AS, with side lengths (φ, φ, φ2=1+φ) – this decomposes into an AL tile and AS tile joined along a ... with AS, then BS is a reduced version (1/φ)AL of AL with side lengths (1/φ,1/φ,1) – joining a BS tile and a BL tile along a common side of length 1 then yields (a decomposition of) an AL ...
Neves (video Game) - Gameplay
... to recreate using only the following seven pieces two identical right isosceles triangles, with sides length and hypotenuse of length four right ...
... most often for triangles the formula for the semiperimeter of a triangle with side lengths a, b, and c is The area of any triangle is the product of its inradius and ... The area of a triangle can also be calculated from its semiperimeter and side lengths using Heron's formula The simplest form of Brahmagupta's formula ... the triangle partition the triangle's perimeter into two equal lengths ...

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