Shot Glass

A shot glass is a small glass designed to hold or measure spirits or liquor, which is either drunk straight from the glass ("a shot") or poured into a cocktail. A "shot" of liquor is not the same as a "shooter."

Shot glasses decorated with a wide variety of toasts, advertisements and humorous pictures are popular souvenirs and collectibles.

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Polar Bear (cocktail) - Preparation
... Polar Bear is usually served cold in a shot glass ... shaking all ingredients with crushed ice and serving in a shot glass with a mint leaf as garnish ... The drink can also be served in a shot glass without ice, or "on the rocks" in a rocks glass ...
U-Boot (beer Cocktail)
... Poland, and Flanders) that is made with a glass of beer and a shot glass of vodka ... a U-Boot (German abbreviation of Unterseeboot, "submarine") because the shot glass of vodka sinks to the bottom of the glass of beer ... The shot glass then "surfaces" when the cocktail is drunk ...
Backdraft (drink) - Alternate "Shooter" Backdraft Preparation
... A shot glass is placed in the center of the saucer, filled with Sambuca A pint glass is filled with 1-2 shots of Cointreau ... Swirl this in the glass to coat the sides The Cointreau is lit and allowed to burn until the sides of the glass become warm to the touch The lit Cointreau is poured ... Important All the while the pint glass must be kept upside down above the flames to catch the alcohol vapor coming off the burning liquids When approximately 3-6 good shakes of cinnamon have ...
Shot Glass - Shot-measuring Tools - Jigger
... for the unit of liquid it typically measures, a jigger or shot, which measures 1.5 US fluid ounces (44 ml) ... Typically, one cone measures a regulation single shot, and the other some fraction or multiple – with the actual sizes depending on local laws and customs ...

Famous quotes containing the words glass and/or shot:

    I must sojourn once to the ballot-box before I die. I hear the ballot-box is a beautiful glass globe, so you can see all the votes as they go in. Now, the first time I vote I’ll see if the woman’s vote looks any different from the rest—if it makes any stir or commotion. If it don’t inside, it need not outside.
    Sojourner Truth (c. 1797–1883)

    But the dirty little coward that shot Mister Howard,
    He laid poor Jesse in his grave.
    Unknown. Jesse James (l. Chorus)