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Constrained Shortest Path First
... Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF) is an extension of shortest path algorithms ... The path computed using CSPF is a shortest path fulfilling a set of constraints ... It simply means that it runs shortest path algorithm after pruning those links that violate a given set of constraints ...
Overview - Dynamic Programming in Computer Programming
... For example, given a graph G=(V,E), the shortest path p from a vertex u to a vertex v exhibits optimal substructure take any intermediate vertex w on this shortest path p ... If p is truly the shortest path, then the path p1 from u to w and p2 from w to v are indeed the shortest paths between the corresponding vertices (by the simple cut-and-pas ... Hence, one can easily formulate the solution for finding shortest paths in a recursive manner, which is what the Bellman-Ford algorithm or the Floyd-Warshall algorithm does ...
Routing And Wavelength Assignment - First Routing, Then Wavelength Assignment - Routing Algorithms - Fixed Path Routing
... Fixed path routing is the simplest approach to finding a lightpath ... Typically this path is computed ahead of time using a shortest path algorithm, such as Dijkstra's Algorithm ... If resources along the fixed path are in use, future connection requests will be blocked even though other paths may exist ...
Consensus Path DB - Functionalities - Shortest Path
... Users can search for shortest paths of functional interactions between physical entities, based on all interactions in the database ...
Median Graph - Convex Sets and Helly Families
... of intervals above, S is convex if it contains every shortest path between two of its vertices, or if it contains the median of every set of three points at least two of which are from S ... of the pair S and U, then every shortest path from a to b must lie within T by convexity, and similarly every shortest path between the other two pairs of vertices must lie within the ... u than to v, or equivalently the vertices w such that some shortest path from v to w goes through u ...

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